Raw Food Diet Reviews

Nutrition is just one of them and the Raw Food diet is probably the most “natural” program there is. The Raw Food diet isn’t just one diet plan, but a general name for various programs which advocate eating food in its natural form, avoiding processed and industrialized dishes, and going back to a more harmonized way of eating. There is no doubt that there is some merit to the raw food diet. As expert nutritionist Yuri Elkaim shows in his program, Eating For Energy, there is something terribly wrong in our society healthwise. Not only are we getting fatter and fatter, but we’re also getting sicker. Despite tremendous advances in medicine, Cancer, Diabetes, and Heart disease are on the rise. This is something which is going to affect each and every one of us or our loved ones. All this disease and obesity has a lot to do with our modern lifestyle. It’s easy to see that less developed countries don’t suffer from these diseases as much as we do. Naturally, they have their own problems, but it seems as if we’ve beaten many illnesses only to let others take their place. And this time, it’s our fault. Already, industrialized agriculture is producing lower quality food and stuffing our meat with antibiotics and other chemicals. Raw Foods dietists believe that we’re upsetting the internal nature of the food we eat, the food we are “supposed” to eat through years of evolution. A raw food diet is usually a vegetarian, if not vegan, diet. You do not eat meat and dairy and eggs. You get your protein from nuts, beans, soy, and other plants. And yes, there are a lot of plant protein sources to be found. The same goes for fats and carbs. Many experts believe that we can get all the nutrients we need from plants, herbs, nuts, and grains. We can even build muscle tissue while doing it. There is no doubt that a lot of people lose weight when going on a such a diet. A lot of people also report and improvement in other aspects of life, from allergies, through fatigue, to an improved wellbeing. It is the food we put inside us that fuels us forward, that determines how much we’re vulnerable to disease and weight gain. While I may not give up my meat and eggs entirely, there is certainly a lot to be said about incorporating a lot of the principles in the Raw Food diet into your day to day life.