updates all diet information such as weight loss programs, health, low carbohydrate diets, nutrition, commercial programs, clinics.

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provides information on books and products, diets, nutrition, and exercises to assist reaching an ideal body weight.
Provides bulletin board, chat and healthy eating tips.
Discusses a range of weight issues for children, teens, parents, and healthcare providers.
Fake bodyfat that acts as a reminder to think before you eat.
A program and support network by Dr. Richard and Rachael Heller.
Offers weight loss products.
Information about their programs and clinics. Includes before and after pictures of some clients, and staff testimonials.
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3 fat sisters share their dieting experiences by providing recipes, tips, diet food and book reviews, progress reports, and more.
Subscription service provides information about safe weight management and physical fitness. Includes support, BMI information, and recipes.
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A non-profit, non-commercial weight loss support group.
Offers low fat vegetarian recipes, weight loss tips, chat, cookery books, slimming success stories, and more.
Located in Fairfax, Virginia, this program offers medically supervised weight management.
Weight loss supplements.
Features diet software designed by a national corporate dietitian.
With before and after photos, motivation, comic relief, recipes, and more.
Offers a discussion forum, articles, tips, and a comparison of popular diets.
A twelve step fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength, and hope to recover from compulsive overeating.
Official informational site for the Zone Diet from its developer, Dr. Barry Sears. Includes forums, recipes, tools, news, and more.